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PLAN Foundation - International Day of the Girls (Plan Foundation in Colombia)

Design of the communication strategies and public relations for the positioning of the International Girl's Day, organized by Plan Foundation in Colombia, in its four editions.


Audience: 340,000 children benefiting from Fundación Plan programs in Colombia, and the 200,000 families of which they are part.
General direction by the agency: Ana Mercedes Vivas, General Manager of Comunicaciones Vivas.
Direction by the client: Gabriela Bucher, president and CEO and Sandra Peña, Communications Coordinator.
Years: 2012 a 2015


  • Organize the celebration in the country and put the transformative power of girls in their territories on the agenda of public opinion.
  • Dissemination of the annual reports of the Global Report on Being a Girl, and the local reports on the situation of girls in the country.
  • Production of press contents, support in information dissemination and management of presentations, impacts and agenda with spokespersons in the media, through strategies free press..


On October 11, International Day of the Rights of the Girls, was positioned in the media and in public opinion as the strategic date where a balance of achievements and pending challenges in the respect of these rights and the assessment and realization of the full potential of our girls.