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E X E • Entrepreneurs For Education

A communications and mobilization strategy to make education the center of corporate social responsibility in Colombia.


Type of consultancy: Permanent design of strategies, operation and evaluation of the communications of the Foundation in front of the different audiences of interest.

Audience: Entrepreneurs who made up the Foundation, potential "clients" who could be new entrepreneurs for the Foundation; Regional chapters and entrepreneurs that formed the Foundation in twelve departments; leaders of opinion; media; Entities of the national, regional and local educational sector; Entities of international cooperation (public allies for special projects).


  • General Director: Ana Mercedes Vivas.
  • Account Executive: Luisa Fernanda Berrocal.
  • Account Assistant (in client's offices): Carmenza Barriga.

Client: Guillermo Carvajalino, director of ExE Foundation and members of the Foundation. .

Range of action: National.

Years: 2004-2005-2006


Entrepreneurs for Education (ExE) has been defined by experts as an exemplary case of corporate social responsibility (CSR), focused on the development of a transversal and substantial matter for Colombia as is the education.

Why education

Seen from the statistics, and at the time of the creation of the ExE Foundation, a system that attended daily more than nine million students (clients), through more than 25,000 institutions (branches), with the participation of 300,000 teachers (Employees), and then investing $ 1.5 billion a year, could be defined as the main company in a country.
Understood as a system, public education in Colombia is the great "enterprise" that generates the nation's main wealth: it forms children and young people who will ensure the possibility of our economy being competitive, and our society reaches levels of prosperity, well-being and Stability, sustainable in the long term..

For three years, Comunicaciones Vivas was the advisory agency of the Foundation, having in charge the general communication strategy.

Among the achievements of this consultancy, can be counted:

  1. A permanent positioning of the work of the Foundation among the associated entrepreneurs.
  2. Accountability, as a fundamental strategy to keep the group of entrepreneurs motivated around the management of the Foundation, as well as to motivate new entrepreneurs.
  3. A communications model that would allow the Foundation's own chapters to be aligned with the Foundation's strategic themes, as well as with its own regional developments.
  4. Strategies for specific developments such as support to the Forum of Citizen Competencies, through the book of chronicles, 15 Experiences to Learn Citizenship or 7 Pathways to Equity, about the implementation of School Models for Equity.
  5. Communication support to fundraising strategies of the Foundation.
  6. The creation of a unique chapter on Media for Education.