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Memories of the "Culture declares peace to Colombia" First Meeting

This volume recovers the aim and significance of the meeting of intellectuals and cultural workers for peace, held in Mompox (World Heritage city), as call for look at the culture as the starting point for an understanding among Colombians.

First meeting "Culture declares peace to Colombia". Santa Cruz de Mompox, Bolivar, November 30, December 1st and 2nd of 2001.

ExE Magazine: A Corporate Commitment for Education in Colombia

In order to disseminate the main actions, achievements and challenges of the Foundation in its first three years of work, Entrepreneurs for Education, with the general advisory of Comunicaciones Vivas, presented in the context of the LXI General Assembly of the ANDI, this 72-page publication that summarizes the commitment of the entrepreneurs with the task of contributing to a quality basic education to children of Colombia.

Published by the Entrepreneurs Foundation for Education. Exe, 2005. Bogotá.

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Memories of "Rethinking Journalism in Colombia" Forum

Published by the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation.Backed by the New Iberoamerican Journalism Foundation and the Circle of Journalists of Bogotá - CPB..

This book brings together the papers presented by 37 reporters and editors in the Forum Rethinking Journalism in Colombia, held in 2003 in Bogotá.