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Colombian Book Chamber - Bogota Book Fair

Resource management with entrepreneurship and management of strategic alliances with different organizations for the International Book Fair of Bogotá (FILBO), the most important cultural and reading promotion event in Colombia. First fair in size of Latin America and first contest in the matter of Academic Programming.


Target Audience: strategic allies of the business community, public entities and cooperation agencies.
General direction by agency: Ana Mercedes Vivas, General Manager of Comunicaciones Vivas.
Direction by client: Diana Rey and Adriana Martínez, directors of the fair at CCL and Giuseppe Caputo, Director of cultural programming at CCL.

Situation Analysis: The International Book Fair of Bogotá is the most important cultural and educational event in the country. Today, the Bogotá International Book Fair is characterized by: 14 days of events, more than 520,000 attendees, 30,374 students, 1,598 academic and cultural activities and more than 300 national and international authors.

An event of this size, although it has institutional support of the Ministry of Culture and the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports of Bogotá, needs the participation of both private and public entrepreneurship, as well as international organizations and institutions of various kinds for to be able to grow every year and to offer the public the possibility of interaction with the best authors, chroniclers, thinkers, designers and illustrators nationally and internationally.

In line with global trends, the Bogotá International Book Fair had sought sponsorship of its name with some companies, which in time, left space for new options. It is the point where we enter as an agency to try to strengthen the process of oFor six years, the Bogota International Book Fair was supported by Ecopetrol, in the same trade fair brand: Bogotá-Ecopetrol International Book Fair.
During this time, the presence of the brand Ecopetrol had strategic activations in the pavilion of children's publishers, focused on the themes of recreational promotion of reading, achieving an important emotional connection between the brand and visitors to the Fair.

During this enriching process, in 2016, Ecopetrol had to establish a different strategy and leave the name of the event, but remained in a special section where the Great Literary Hall, with:

Special projects for other brands in FILBO

Now, with the opportunity that the Fair means in terms of events, visitors and strategies to promote brands, Comunicaciones Vivas has focused its efforts on offering customers special projects, always aligned with the duty of the event: the promotion of Book and reading.

This is how for several years we managed the participation of ARGOS with The Argos Story Hour. This Story Hour at the Fair was complemented by the strategic impact in the areas of influence of the company, with the gift of a book for children, the best Colombian literature for children. Thus the impression by thousands of greats of the literature for boys reached distant parts of the country.
This development, called Argos Construye Lectores, was the creation of Live Communications for the CCL and Argos, since 2008, the year in which its first version was developed on Book Day.

At the International Book Fair in Bogotá, we also established strategic alliances with cities such as Barranquilla for the development of the La Cueva Group's great exhibition; With entities such as DANE, which in its mission to inform the citizen and especially to sensitize the thousands of teenagers who visit the Fair, found in FILBO the best scenario; With airlines that have sponsored travel slots; As well as with companies such as Alquería, which for the year dedicated to the homage to Rafael Pombo, made a wide presence with a book and a stand.

It deserves special mention, the creation of the Women-Narrative War-Peace Strip, which in coordination with the Cultural Direction of the Colombian Book Chamber, we developed for UN Women, with the initial presence of the Nobel Prize for Literature Svetlana Alexievich.


Among the achievements of this consultancy, can be counted:

  1. The sponsorship of Ecopetrol allowed the Fair to grow substantially, in the quality of international guests, number of events and, in general, positioning of the event.
  2. The special projects carried out for different companies and entities have generated new ways of approaching the book and reading by the different audiences, leaving the understanding that words weave all aspects of our life.